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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whither Goff's Wood?

The remnants of the old house.

Clearance at the back of Snowcream

Sign trying to prevent access along right of way

Where the bridge used to (originally built when Queen Victoria was planning to visit)

Fence blocking right of way...except for hole!

The original ornamental garden pond.

The waterfall.

Some of the larger trees (TPO's?)

One of the 2 swathes cut through down to the river for the planned marina?

Warning sign on the right of way.

Some older trees left at the front of Snowcream...but where is the sound barrier gone?

Clearance at the front of Snowcream

Step 1: build a wall so nobody can see what you are doing...widening the road was the excuse.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Launch of International Year of Biodiversity

The National Biodiversity Data Centre have relaunched their website.

Some of the main features of the website include:

* Easy access to 1.07 million observations of Ireland’s wildlife,
* Provisional distribution maps of 8,545 Irish species, presented on a national GIS mapping system Biodiversity Maps
* An online submission form to enable observers submit sightings of Ireland’s wildlife to the National Biodiversity Database;
* An internet data portal linking the Data Centre with the other key national sighting schemes,
* A latest news feature to highlight any new developments in wildlife recording and surveying in Ireland,
* The Centre’s calendar of Events for 2010,
* An on-line library of digital images of some of Ireland’s species freely available to download for use in publications, presentations and other uses.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lismore Callows walk

The next outing will be to the Lismore Callows on Sunday February 21st. Meet at Woodies carpark at 1245pm or go direct to The Towers on the road to Ballyduff, c5km from Lismore, at 2pm to view the waterbirds, followed by a walk to through the woods to see the towers. The walk leader will be Denis Cullen.

Blackwater Callows

Grid reference: X0199 west to W9299.

Ordnance Survey Discovery map: number 81

Habitat: Flooded pasture-fields (callows) along R. Blackwater; extensive woodlands.

Main interest: Wintering wildfowl and waders.