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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Biodiversity Park on the Horizon

This weeks local newspapers are full of: Plans for Biodiversity Park in City progress with €4 million investment. (p4, Waterford Today, p21 Waterford News and Star and p1 Munster Express) The plan is to link up the Johns river from the Park all the way to the Ring road, taking in the pNHA of Kilbarry bog and the old landfill site.
Tramore road flooding to be resolved at last (p14, ME)...clear indications that damage must not be done to the pNHA by widening the road but that the road will be raised.

Further out in Tramore, there is an interesting aerial photograph with the caption: Tesco Tramore changes approved.

Waterford Bats get the once over from Michael O'Meara (p15, WT) which is timely given the objection currently being submitted by the IWT!

Nichola Beresford samples the delights of Taking the Train (p6,ME) and like me actually quite enjoys the experience and the relief of not taking the car into the Big Metropolis.

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