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Monday, December 19, 2011

Biodiversity maps

The latest release of Biodiversity Maps now includes a function to report on what species have been recorded in an area of land. Register as a user of Biodiversity Maps and this allows you to generate a report on designated sites (SPAs, SACs, NHAs, and Nature Reserves), squares of the national grid (10km, 2km and 1km resolution) and for any townland in the country.

These reports will list the species that have been recorded for the particular area, when the species was last recorded, what database the record is contained in, and flags if it is a threatened or protected species. Being able to access this kind of information will highlight what is known about the biodiversity value of an area, and equally important, will highlight many of the gaps that still exist in our knowledge of local biodiversity.
This new functionality greatly enhances the usefulness of Biodiversity Maps as a tool for biodiversity scoping as part of Appropriate Assessment process under the EU Habitats Directive, Environmental Impact Assessment and the Environmental Liabilities Directive.
It also highlights what is known about any locality. Users are encouraged to log-on to the mapping system, explore maps of their own area, and commence recording of biodiversity to help us build up a more comprehensive picture of the unique biodiversity resource of the country.

To download user guides for Biodiversity Maps, click here

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