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Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 off to a good start

The Waterford Branch of the IWT had a most enjoyable outing to Ballyshunnock Lake and then Portlaw Woods on Sunday January 8th .  The events drew a large crowd,  many of whom were experiencing the wild life of Ballyshunnock and Portlaw Woods for the first time.  The birdwatching event was led by Denis Cullen from a most delightful spot on the lake.  The main event was the dusk and night walk led by Sean O’Connor.  The theme was ‘Finding your way by Natures Signposts’ and proved to be informative, interesting and  a very different walking experience  thoroughly enjoyed by the  more than 50 people who participated.  Thanks to all who made the events a success. (Ray)

Check out this site from the Ordnance Survey UK.
If you have an android phone, download the app Google sky map.

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