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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Japanese Knotweed

I am sure by now you have all seen the invasive Japanese Knotweed by the side of the road.
We can all submit records to the National Biodiversity Centre Data bank by logging  in here to submit records.
I have logged in 4 locations: 3 on the Dunmore to Waterford road (on the entrance to Dunmore village, beside the new roundabout; at Belle Lake; and opposite Harneys pub); and in a couple of places on the restored landfill in Tramore.
I have been informed that a new app for your phone will soon be available along the lines of the Butterfly app so that you can record in the field.

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Dodder River Biodiversity said...

Hi, This Invasive Knotweed plant is becoming more an more common, Here in Dublin I notice it everywhere I go, it will start to grow again in April and can quickly grow to six feet in height. It takes repeat herbicide treatments to completely eradicate. For more info such as what herbicide to use and how much check out this website: