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Saturday, December 8, 2018

What do you know about Nurdles?

We have all heard about the Great Pacific Garbage patch but.....

have you heard about ....

The quest for ocean domination on YouTube which is a great place to start raising awareness of this pervasive pollution. Have you seen a Nurdle? Have you thrown a cotton bud down the toilet?
The following pictures were taken after the recent storms on local Waterford beaches at Tramore, Dunmore and Woodstown
small white plastic beads along tidemark

Nurdles or plastic microbeads are used extensively in the plastics industry

Read more about the problem...they do not go away, they attract toxins and chemicals so concentrate in food chain.

Easier to see are the cotton buds that are  flushed  down the toilet. Check out the Cotton bud project or #TheLast Straw
177 colour coded plastic sticks from 500m of Tramore beach
Where does it all come from? Sewage out of sight is not always out of mind. It reappears after a big storm.
and what about waste from aquaculture, especially new blue and red cable ties? (Seen at Woodstown and Tramore)

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