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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good news from the ponds

Marie has been working with Senan Gardiner, IWT's former Education Officer, getting 2 schools to create wildlife ponds. On Friday, they went to St Ursulas School and below is a photo with pupils from Ms Twomey's Class depositing frogspawn ( from Marie's pond) into their school pond. This group of girls have an impressive knowledge of wildlife, showed us several projects of birds  they carried out  counts in the school yard. Last year we had visited the pond and planted some natives such as bogbean and flag iris. The resident goldfish were re-homed among pupils, leaving a new home for the frogspawn.
They also went to St Saviours NS, where a newly-dug pond (by local IWT volunteers, Leighton and John) has had a few teething problems. They visited 6 classes with the frogspawn, and addressed concerns of some teachers about safety around the pond. By the time they left, both teachers and pupils want the pond, and the frogs!!

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