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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Press release

The IWT welcome the Garda investigation into the shooting of seals off the Waterford Coast last week, and encourage members of the public to report any information they may have to Tramore Gardai (051 391620).
IWT are concerned that the 4 injured seals appear to have been shot close together at sea, in a deliberate act. All stranded close to each other in the same area of a 3 mile long beach, within days of each other, and had to be euthenased as they were in a badly injured state.
Seals are a protected species under the Wildlife Act, and play an important role in the marine food chain and their reduction may lead to negative consequences for ecosystem balance.
We believe that this type of animal persecution has a very negative impact on the country's image as a visitor destination, and it's reporting on BBC news last week sends out all the wrong signals from a nation which is appreciated by Britons and other for its natural environment.
There has been speculation about the perpetrators of this wanton and cruel act and we would ask all interested organisations to declare their condemnation of it.

Some pictures provided by Marie

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